Who Works with Valley Fire?

Valley Fire Protection has been a leader in the Fire Protection Industry for over 30 years.  Our customers appreciate that we make every effort to tailor our services to meet their business needs.  Valley was created upon the belief that the latest in fire protection technology must be combined with the highest level of service in order to provide value to our customers.  We have grown rapidly, and today we are a leader in providing advanced fire protection and life safety technology.  We specialize in meeting our customers’ requirements with creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions no matter how challenging the task.  Our NICET certified inspectors will keep your systems operating reliably and help protect your tenants from the ravages of fire, save lives and protect their property.

Property Management

From multi-tenant office parks to high-rise condominiums, we protect many buildings throughout the Midwest.  We understand that your tenants’ safety and satisfaction are your sole priority.  That’s why we perform thorough inspections of all fire protection equipment and work 24/7/365 to avoid business disruptions such as false alarms that cause tenants disruption and loss of time and money.  Valley inspects all fire & life safety equipment quickly and efficiently in order to minimize disruption to your tenants’ daily working environments.  Valley technicians are proficient at working unobtrusively in sensitive customer environments.  Valley provides discounts to property management firms with multiple properties to minimize expenses and keep budgets low.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

The care and safety of your patients comes first, and Valley’s job is to keep your facility in constant compliance with all IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) requirements and healthcare regulations.  We understand the challenges administrators face from day to day and we strive to make this process smooth and orderly.  Our highly skilled technicians can work on all types of equipment and handle any obstacles that fall in our path.

Schools & Universities

Teachers, students and administrators have enough to worry about, so let Valley Fire worry about your fire prevention.  Keeping your schools and universities safe is Valley’s number one priority.  Valley Fire performs inspections during non-school days so students can focus all their attention on learning.  Valley discounts its inspection costs for schools and districts to minimize the impact on city budgets.

Cities & Municipalities

From public works buildings to fire stations and police departments, our NICET Level II inspectors will ensure all NFPA requirements are met.  Valley Fire provides prompt service and keeps interruptions at a minimum.  Valley understands that sometimes inspections need to be completed prior to normal business hours, so we begin testing as early as 4:00AM at no additional cost to you.

Independent Building Owners

We inspect thousands of warehouse, industrial, commercial and retail buildings throughout the Midwest.  No job or client will ever feel too small to get our immediately attention.  Valley provides a “one call does it all” scheduling efficiency and we’ll contact you to schedule your inspections when they come due.
Valley has a great working relationship with all local authorities having jurisdiction and public works personnel.  We will take care of coordinating any inspection services that require city inspectors for witnessing and we will submit all corresponding paperwork.

What Separates Valley from our Competition…

  1. One call does it all.  As a full-service company, Valley offers peace of mind and reduced administration costs by providing ONE contact for all of your fire protection needs.   We coordinate inspections on all types of fire protection systems, including fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire alarms, backflow preventers, fire extinguishers and kitchen systems.
  2. Inspection reminders.  Our scheduling division will notify you when your systems are due to be inspected & tested.  Life safety and property protection are our responsibility, so it’s our job to make sure your inspections are current and up to date.
  3. Report management.  Inspection reports and certifications are sent to the fire departments and water departments once testing is completed.  We provide you with a copy to send to your insurance carrier.
  4. Emergency service.  Our emergency service department has 15 fully-stocked service trucks on call 24/7/365 to handle all your service needs.
  5. Customer service.  We take customer service to a whole new level and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.  We have established an unparalleled reputation for excellence in the testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.  In addition, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and work aggressively to preserve a highly regarded reputation with all our satisfied clients.