Fire Alarm Inspection

  • Confirm that central station is receiving FACP electric signals
  • Test all FACP batteries and NAC panel batteries
  • Test all building devices tied into the FACP
    • Pull Stations – Physically pull down the release on the pull station to trigger the alarm and reset the pull station upon completion
    • Smoke Detectors – Blow smoke into the detector to activate the unit and then blow compressed air into the unit to clean out the smoke and debris
    • Heat Detectors – Trigger the alarm by placing a magnetic device near the detector sensors
    • Duct Detectors – Test the device via remote test switch
    • Horn/Strobes – Multiple inspectors walk the building to ensure the horns are sounding and strobes are flashing
    • Flow Switches – Remove the cover and manually activate the switch and record retard time
    • Tampers – Exercise control valves until tampers trigger the FACP

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