Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

iStock_000000254597LargeLocal authorities having jurisdiction require all business owners to maintain the extinguishers in their given space to ensure they are kept up to national fire code standards. In addition to recharging fire extinguishers, Valley Fire technicians can perform NFPA 10 required annual maintenance as well as complete 6-year and 12-year testing.

  • Annual maintenance
    • Perform a thorough check and cleaning of each Extinguisher and re-tag the Extinguisher
    • Check for obstruction, operating instructions, safety seals and tamper indicators, fullness, physical damage, condition of nozzle, HMIS label, pressure gauge, pin placement, etc.
  • 6-year internal maintenance
    • Every six years stored pressure extinguishers must be emptied and a thorough examination of mechanical parts, extinguishing agent and expelling means shall be conducted
    • Discharge each unit, remove & examine valve and hose assembly, replace worn or defective parts, lubricate moving parts, install new seal, inspect internal cylinder, recharge and reassemble unit, apply 6-year sticker and re-tag
  • 12-year hydrotest
    • Every twelve years stored pressure extinguishers must undergo hydrostatic pressure testing of the critical components to check for any leaks or structural damage
    • Those extinguishers that pass this testing are recharged, re-tagged and put back into full service
    • Those extinguishers that fail this testing are “condemned” or unusable

* Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers require this service in 5-year intervals


Fire Extinguisher Installation

Valley Fire technicians can install new portable fire extinguishers to bring your building up to code. There are just four simple rules we follow to ensure proper installation. Valley Fire will…

  1. Identify the hazards that are present, this will allow us to choose the appropriate classification of extinguishers needed
  2. Determine the size of the fire extinguishers needed to adequately suppress a fire
  3. Establish the proper quantity of extinguishers needed by the coverage allowed per local and national fire codes
  4. Distribute the portable fire extinguishers per the allowable travel distance to each fire extinguisher

For additional information on our fire system inspection or plumbing services, qualifications or a free quote, please contact one of our Account Managers at 630.761.3168.  Customer references are also available upon request.

Fire Extinguisher Training Program:

EXT (4)Valley Fire is honored to announce that we now provide Fire Extinguisher training for public education and/or occupational safety training!

Whether we are providing basic Fire Extinguisher education to your local community or providing one-on-one training for your employees, our team can prepare anyone on how to properly handle small fires in the home or workplace.

EXT (3)Your employees will learn the proper operation of a fire extinguisher using our state-of-the-art, digital, laser-driven simulator by BULLEX. Now, you can conduct an OSHA mandated Fire Extinguisher training with your entire staff, anytime, anywhere without the messy clean-up and expense associated with using dry chemical extinguishers.

We can simulate Class A, B and C fires at four difficulty levels which can challenge even the most experienced Fire Extinguisher user. And we can tailor your training to your company’s needs by conducting this training indoors or outdoors in almost any environment.