RPZ/ Backflow Testing & Certification

Valley fire Inspections specializes in RPZ/ backflow preventer testing in the Chicago area.  Illinois EPA regulations require that every building’s RPZ backflow preventer device be inspected and certified annually.

Commercial RPZ/Backflow Testing Services

  • Installation of RPZs and Backflow Prevention Devices.
  • Testing and certification of new and existing Backflow Devices.
  • Submiting all required reports to the appropriate municipality on your behalf.
  • Annual reminders of your next test date.
  • Compliance with State of Illinois, local, and EPA laws.

Why Us for RPZ Backflow Certification?

  • Valley Fire Inspections’ plumbers are backflow preventer specialists providing inspection, installation, repair, and certification of a wide range of backflow devices.
  • Our licensed Cross Connection Control Device Inspectors (CCCDI) perform this service on all testable backflow devices.
  • After testing, the documentation for each backflow device is updated with the most recent test date and results.
  • Copies of the backflow test results are provided to the proper governmental agency and stored electronically in Valley Fire’s office.
RPZ Backflow Testing and Certification

Ensure your drinking water is free from contamination.  To test and certify your RPZ backflow device compliance with local and Illinois state laws, please contact one of Valley Fire Account Managers at 630.761.3168.  Customer references are available upon request.